An Open Letter to the Rochester Civic Theatre, Inc. Board of Directors

I know there are some directors in my circle of Facebook friends, and perhaps some of you have seen my recent posts of numbers from the 990s.

I hope you don’t just dismiss this post but read it through, and I hope you take it as it is intended.

Folks, in a normal operating mode when things are hunky dory, digging into the numbers is not something I’d expect board members to do. You have staff running things, smoothly one would hope. You have an accountant looking things over at least once a year. And you have a mission being served well. If the mission is being served and the numbers add up, what’s to investigate?

But these are clearly unusual times, times I’d characterize as CRISIS. I’m asking you, therefore, to dig. Understand if what you are being told is supported by the numbers. You should have access to all the accounting – access I don’t have. If you are not given that access, that alone speaks volumes.

Regarding the IRS Form 990s, if you don’t want to search for them on the web, let me know, and I will happily forward ten years of them in PDF form to you. No questions, no comments, no jumping up and down.

If you want them printed, I will print them for you on my printer using my toner and my paper. That tiny expense is worth it to me.

If you want to see my spreadsheet, I will happily forward it to you. I’ll even forward any updates I make to it.

I just ask you to do your own due diligence. Maybe my interpretation is out to lunch, but this is a situation of “trust, but verify.” Please – this is your fiduciary duty as a director.

Thank you,

Tony Drumm

Photographer, former volunteer, former donor, former patron

P.S. And if you just want to read my analyses, there are several here on this site.