Letter to the Editor published 12 July 2017

Some in our community support the actions of the RCT board leadership. No doubt, changes over the last decade have been popular and added visibility. The board president paints a picture of needed evolution and responsibility to maintaining the sound footing the prior executive director created.

The actions and the data do not support this image. From 2008 through 2014, the theatre lost over $300,000. There was a turnaround from 2010 to 2011, but that good fortune has steadily declined since. I could delve much more deeply into the available financials, but it suffices to say the soundness of this theatre has been driven by – guess what? – theatre. Yet, leveraging sold out productions by scheduling holdovers was eliminated in favor of rentals providing 0.7-2.5% of total income.

After the executive director’s resignation, the first order of business was to steady the ship, appoint an interim director, and immediately begin a search for a replacement. Instead, the board leadership opted to cancel a show, alienate members, reorganize the institution, and abolish all theatre management experience. Because, in the words of board president Heather Holmes, “it’s easier and more economical.”

I completely agree with the board president: the board must consider the theatre’s future and ensure its survival. To that end, I ask for the immediate resignation of the entire board leadership.

Anthony Drumm