The City of Rochester and taxpayer money is already involved, currently enabling this dysfunctional board by subsidizing their lease and handing them $200K a year. This theatre and the quality of its productions have made it a jewel in the region, and the city cannot continue to financially support cancelling shows and a dark theatre.

The Friends of RCT, a broad group of theatre supporters, professionals, and volunteers, has the following goals with regard to the current situation:

  1. Resignation of Heather Holmes [done], Kay Hocker, and Ari Kolas, for failing in their fiduciary obligations to the theatre.
  2. Set a meeting between board and Friends of RCT representatives to create a mutually agreeable action plan, so the community may regain faith in leadership and can return to RCT.
  3. An apology to those who sent letters to the board outlining former executive director’s unethical conduct, including allegations of sexual harassment. And a statement that such actions are never appropriate at the RCT [statement published][Letters sent and received, November 2017][Harassment policy revised, January 2018].
  4. Install a temporary advisory council to the board, consisting of past RCT board presidents/officers.
  5. Immediately begin the search for a replacement ED with mutually agreeable search committee members. Appoint an interim ED [interim ED appointed]. Both must be mission-oriented and experienced in theatre [iED does not have theatre experience][Search is in progress – no communication with Friends regarding the search committee makeup].
  6. Reverse failed leadership decisions
    1. Immediately reinstate membership with voting rights and hold a member meeting to elect directors, including people with experience in theatre.
    2. Re-evaluate the change from Artistic Director to contracting Guest Directors.
    3. Re-evaluate changes to bylaws.
    4. Make board contact information and governance documents such as bylaws, minutes, etc. accessible to the public via the website [bylaws are available via City of Rochester which now requires they be filed with the city for supported organizations].