Proposed Bylaws

Our Proposed Bylaws from April 2017

Representatives from the Friends group met several times and worked many hours individually and together examining the then-current Rochester Civic Theatre, Inc bylaws, researching other theatres and committee structures, and assembling the following proposal. The intention was to remove ambiguities, make the wording consistent, eliminate the troublesome and archaic executive committee, and strengthen and clarify membership and member rights.

We presented the proposal to the board’s bylaws committee on 19 April 2017. That committee instead developed amended bylaws which kept the executive committee in place (along with retaining its power) and eliminated membership from the organization. The board voted these amended bylaws into place on 9 May 2017. On 1 June 2017, the Friends group was informed of the bylaws changes and four days later, Greg Miller was fired. With the membership elimination, the board shielded itself from community oversight or any potential direct backlash from their unpopular, short-sighted actions.

Proposed ByLaws

We also prepared the following rationale document explaining why various changes were made with references to external documents as needed. The intent of this document was two-fold: to provide the board with an understanding of our work and, if our proposal was accepted, to serve as a guide for anyone contemplating future changes.

Bylaws Update Rationale